• DFSS Basic tools (English)

The DFSS Basic tools are an Excel set of DFSS tools for lean green belt and black belt projects.

This set of excel tools will bring you a DFSS scorecard, a Quality Functional Deployment and a Pugh Matrix. Specially designed for Black Belts and Green Belts completing DFSS DMADV projects.

What do you get when ordering the DFSS Basic tools?

Once you order and pay the DFSS Basic tools, you will be directed to a Download directory where you will find the DFSS Basic tools zip file to download to your computer.

First download the file "DFSS Basic tools.zip" to your computer.

Then you will need to unzip this downloaded zip file (usually done by double clicking on it).

Finally you will get three excel files named "DFSS scorecard V4.xlsx", "QFD v2.xlsx", "Pugh matrix v2.xlsx" on your computer in a DFSS Basic tools directory.

You can open one file in Excel by double clicking on it or opening first Excel and then opening the xlsx file in Excel. All files come with pre-filled data provided for example and a blank template.

What to do first when working with the xlsx files?

First thing that we recommend you to do is to "save as" the xlsx files onto your computer under different names and keep the original xlsx files as a backup.

For your information, all the blue cells are protected cells. All the white cells are not protected and you can input your data in them. Protected blue cells cannot be erased but they can be formatted and for those which contain formulas, the formulas are visible.

OS Compatibility: Windows, OSX (Apple), Linux since 2012

Excel compatibility: all excel versions supporting .xlsx format (since 2010 version)

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DFSS Basic tools (English)

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