Equable-solutions is a Business Unit of Equable, a Management Consulting company specialized in the rapid achievement of operational gains in Financial Services and diverse Industries. Equable operates in Europe, the USA & Asia and sells training, certification, coaching and consulting services. It was created in 2004 by Franck Strub, Master Black Belt certified by General Electric in 2000.

Equable-solutions is specialized in the development of statistical software, tools and applications for Business Efficiency and specifically for lean six sigma projects. Our ambition is to help you solve big issues with nice tools.

Our philosophy is that Belts (green and black) are not PhD in statistics generally and so they just need to enter their data in a great tool and have the graphs, statistical results and their interpretation made on the fly by the application.

Our clients (non exhaustive list):

Groupe SEB (Appliances)


BNP Paribas

Merz Anteis



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